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About Synthol

You may have heard about a muscle product called “Synthol“. While there have been many people out there that have experimented with this oil there are several things to keep in mind when choosing an oil to help you cosmetically with your gains. Synthol was developed to help body builders who could not develop their muscles any further due to regular training. So if you are training and training and you are still seeing no response from your muscles then you might want to consider Synthol. Now there are a lot of these products out there but there is only one that we know of for sure that is safe to use and you can get it from the man himself at .

Synthol-SEO oil

Get Huge Muscles

What kind of Synthol Should I get?

You should ONLY get your pharmaceutical grade product from and the reasons are many. If you would do a google search you would see so many nightmare stories about people who have use lower quality product just to save a few bucks . It is not worth it! Check out our scam section on this site.

Is Synthol Safe?

Safe when it is administered properly.

How do I take Synthol

MYSYNTHOLEXPERIENCE.COM is going to be a documentary on a mans journey on using this the proper way. He was injured when he was a kid pushing a wheel barrel and he fell forward and fell into the wheel barrel. The result was that the bicep was creased by the impact. So for years of weight training the man was not able to get his bicep ball back. To make matter worse years later he suffered a rotator cuff injury and detached his bicep from his shoulder. This documentary will show the nitty gritty and the reason why people take this product for muscle enhancement.

Protein Bars -Make Your Own!

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Protien Bars – Here is how to eat your way top massive gains

Commercial calorie protein bars are not new and they are not cheap, a good bar will cost you $2-$3 dollars a bar and I personally don’t think they are worth the money.

But for those of us who want mass, and are always looking at the mirror to see gains I have a great solution…Make your own MUSCLE BARS.( Protein Bars) These bars combined with muscle building supplements, will have you putting on the muscle. While getting your body ready just in time for summer!

Before I go on, I want to state some rather obvious facts: FACT NUMBER ONE – if you want to gain mass at an accelerated pace…EAT FAT! Yes don’t avoid fat, fat is essential in the mass gaining process, dietary fats play a essential role in muscle building hormone production which ARE the Keys to outstanding muscle growth.

The recipe that follows is simple to make furthermore,  will provide you with several days’ worth of weight gain dense snacks.

1/2 cup butter
1 cup apple juice concentrates (the frozen kind)
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 whole eggs
2 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup raw wheat germ
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup of each: sunflower seeds, pecans, raisins and chopped dates

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees; blend the butter, eggs, apple juice
And vanilla together, sift together with flour, wheat germ, baking soda and baking powder then add them to mixture.
Add the rest of the ingredients, mix well and press into an oblong glass pan than you have buttered and floured, now bake until the top is golden brown-about 30 minutes, refrigerate to keep fresh
You will get 12 bars out of these and each one gives you
561 calories 30 grams of fat, carbohydrates 51 grams, 12 grams of protein.


Testosterone Boosters -Are They Safe?

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Yes! There are many benefits to testosterone boosters. These testosterone supplements are a great way to build muscle, burn fat and increase libido.

What is a testosterone booster?

Used to improve results in bodybuilding and athletics.  Athletes turn to testosterone boosters for much-needed boost in sporting activities. These legal steroids, responsible for helping athletes build strength and increase muscle mass.”T-boosters”, such as gels, creams and pills have positive effects on male hormone testosterone. Boosters instigate more of its production. What’ll happen if you maximize your levels?

Testosterone to build muscle.

You’ll build more muscle mass fast when supplementing T-boosters. In conjunction with a resistance training program, T-boosters equally allow athletes to work harder in the gym. Thanks to the increased testosterone that speeds up the rate at which muscles rebuild during rest. While resting after a painstaking training session, microscopic tears in your muscles get rebuilt. This process quickens with T-boosters.

T-boosters to burn fat.

When you boost natural hormone with these supplements, you gain significant muscle mass. In turn lose unwanted fat in your body. The lost fat will then be replaced by muscles that will have increased over the course of your T-booster usage. So you won’t lose weight; instead you will end up weighing almost the same as you did before. Yet burn fat quick due to more lean muscle.

Increase libido.

The effect that T-boosters have on your sex drive is remarkable. The sole reason many take them, not just to improve their performance in the gym but also to improve their performance in bed. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone responsible for governing your sex drive and making you manly. So a boost of this hormone is bound to increase your sex drive especially if your libido is lower.

As you can see, there are many benefits to supplementing testosterone boosters!


Bulking Stack:Methyl-D-1-Test & Beastdrol Xtreme

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Try our most EXTREME bulking stack ever with our brand new Beastdrol Xtreme and Methyl-D-1-Test cycle. This cycle is safe, completely legal, and not under any FDA recalls.

Ideal for: strength training, weight gain, increase in muscle mass, and hard gainers with high metabolisms who can never seem to gain weight. Also boosts your testosterone levels.

This bulking stack equips you with the look, the drive, and the stamina to keep pressing towards your goals. Results this extreme you will not disappoint and the ladies will be flocking to you!  Do you want to buy a reputable product from a reputable distributor? Here is your chance to buy one of the newest non-methylated, pro-anabolic supplements out there!

A safe, legal, non-methylated product. Beastdrol Xtreme is safe, legal, and not under any FDA recalls. Beastdrol is better than any competitors herbal “dianabol” products. the results are undeniable! Step on a scale and watch the weight come on.

Methyl-D-1 Test is designed to offer rapid and maximum uptake to the andro-receptors. It is the industries highest dosage allowed per capsule and nothing you will find anywhere else. This product is safe, completely legal, and not under any FDA recalls. Users report a rapid increase in aggression, strength, workout intensity, recovery and mind blowing muscle pumps.

When these two bulking supplements are combined, the results are amazing. Because the Beastrol Extreme and Methyl-D-1-Test compliment each other, you will have amazing muscle gains. Body builders also reported being able to workout more intense and having a quick recovery with muscles. Many body builders are able add extreme strength training to their workout routine while taking this bulking stack.Be prepared to lift numbers you never could before!

Most of all, if you want to get that “shredded” muscular look while gaining intense strength, than this Methyl-D-1-Test/Beastdrol Xtreme bulking stack is for you!

Burn Fat-Build Muscle with Winsdrol-V & Deccabolan Stack

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Burn fat-build muscle with MuscleLabsUSA latest Deccabolan and Winsdrol-V™ stack. While Deccabolan dilates your blood vessels to allow more blood flow to your muscles. Winsdrol-V™ works to speed up your metabolic rate. With this increase in blood flood and metabolism you are sure to lose weight while increasing your muscle pumps. This is a great cycle to use if you are just starting out or even if you are a returning athlete.

In two months time you will be on your way to burn fat-build muscle while looking the like the pro that you are. If you are not sure if you are ready to take on a total stack, then this eight-week cycle is the perfect choice. Inexpensive and effective, be prepared to witness an increase in strength, endurance, and stamina not to mention the physical results. Massive Muscle Pumps never looked so good!

Deccabolan: This is the last pro-hormone allowed by law in the Unites States. Deccabolan will blast all your gains to the next level and help fine tune all the gains you developed during your stack cycle. Super powerful and each capsule contains up to 20 X the does of any competitors! Yes you read that correctly…IT IS 20 TIMES MORE POTENT THAN MOST COMPETITORS!! Even if taken alone this product is awesome. Recommended dose is 1 capsule daily.

Winsdrol-V™: This is the ultimate pro-steroidal product for fine tuning all those gains you made during your cycle or stack. Winsdrol™ is most often referred to as a pre contest bodybuilding preparation compound. Want those stubborn abs to come in ? Wanna see freaky lean muscular striations and ridiculous veins in your arms? This is that product.

You’ll continue to get stronger and gain lean muscle mass without any water retention whatsoever. This is the perfect ending product to any cycle. Whether you’re getting ready for the stage or the beach, these are the only product you’d need !

Muscle Building Stack-Dianibol/Anadroll

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Muscle Building Stack

Dianibol 100 capsules. Used for: raw power, mass, weight gain and strength

Anadroll 100 tablets. Used for: aggression, testosterone, muscle pumps, strength, and muscle mass.

This 2 bottle pack is a great deal for any athlete looking for that extra edge at a very affordable price.

Anadroll “Drol” by MuscleLabsUSA is a muscle building stack supplement used for weight gain, muscle pumps, accelerated recovery time and strength gains. Anadroll is a favorite aggression compound used by bodybuilders in the off season. Highly effective in promoting  gains in mass, by improving protein synthesis and raising serum testosterone levels. When used to “jumpstart” bulking cycles, Anadroll causes a rapid, buildup of both strength and weight.

Dianibol “D-Ball” by MuscleLabsUSA is best for weight gain and raw power.  “D-Ball” works so quickly and effectively. Many body builders use at the beginning of a cycle. They stack dose it in for the first 4 weeks to get a good start while waiting for the effect from other slower reacting supplements to kick in.

Some training tips to consider for building mass and strength would be switching up your workout. Perhaps upper/lower split training may work for you. Another workout routine to try could be a full body workout. Body builders will be able to train until failure. While taking this stack, recovery is quicker thus being able to work out and train more often.

Accordingly, combining these two products into a muscle building stack will produce a more dramatic impact on the entire muscle system. Thus resulting in a harder and more defined overall appearance. Body builders and athletes can either stack or cycle these products. Anadroll and Dianibol work great together and fine on their own. MuscleLabsUSA has plenty of bodybuilding supplements to complement these products. When this muscle building stack is used with a training program and high protein diet, the sky is the limit!

Popular Body Building Stack

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MuscleLabsUSA most body building popular stack has just gotten even better by the addition of Winsdrol-V ™

Whether you are a beginner or professional body builder, this popular body building stack will help you obtain the results you desire. Body builders will see improvements with this stack no matter what current physique is!  This product is for you if your are looking to gain muscle, lose weight, define muscle cuts, intensity, and recovery!

Used as a pre contest compound, Deccabolan is a top body building supplement . Deccabolan is for body builders seeking a massive-chiseled physique with thick blood filled veins!

For mass, strength and aggression Anadroll. Used for promoting weight gain, muscle pumps, this is a hard core body building supplement. Reports include accelerated recovery time and rapid strength gains. A favorite supplement used by bodybuilders in the off season, Anadroll is highly effective in promoting extensive gains in body mass.

Dianibol is also offered as part of our patent pending Stacks & Cycles. Because this supplement works so quickly and effectively, many users at the beginning of a cycle. Body builders will stack dose for the first 4 weeks to get a jump start while waiting for the effect from supplements to kick in. Accordingly, more advanced users should consider a combination of this with other products.

Commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders alike to lose fat while retaining lean body mass. Used during the “cutting cycle”, to help preserve lean body mass. Also commonly stacked with bulking cycles to help fine tune muscular gains. You need this producte whether a competitive bodybuilder, or just someone who wants those rock hard defined muscle in time for summer. When combining popular body building stack products it is easy to achieve the body of your dreams!

Workout Supplement-Deccabolan (DECA)

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Muscle Labs USA workout supplement,  Deccabolan contains the most powerful, bio-available,
endogenous legal steroid that USA law will currently allow!

Muscle Labs USA binders have been scientifically designed to maximize absorption and uptake into the body. If your goals are to harden up your physique, make faster strength gains and increase your muscle pumps than this is the product you MUST ADD this workout supplement to your training rotation.

Due to the nature of how Deccabolan works, it is the perfect supplement to add to your workout routine. Because of the special make up of this product, you can workout until failure. Rather than wait a few days to train again, your recovery time will be very short. Because of this you will be able to workout more longer and more frequent.

Some sample workouts to try while taking this supplement would be barbell squats, barbell bench press and standing military press. Always remember to stretch before and after working out.

Because of Muscle Labs USA extremely low toxicity, Deccabolan can be taken over a longer period of time and you can discontinue use once you’ve reached
desired results. Users can always take product again, just be sure to give yourself about two to three weeks supplement free. As with any supplements, be sure to drink plenty of water. You can implement protein and protein shakes into your diet as well.

Please avoid the temptation to abuse this product in an attempt to see faster gains, while
you could find yourself dealing with undesired and unfortunate side effects. Take only as directed on the bottle which is 1 capsule per day.

OUR NEW FORMULATION is over twice as strong as any competitors’ products. MuscleLabs USA delivers products nationwide via USPS in discrete packaging. Check it out MuscleLabsUSA Deccabolan!

Muscle Builder Supplement-Beastdrol

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Beastdrol is a powerful muscle builder supplement to any mass or muscle building cycle. Are you looking for something other than the so called “legal steroids” ? If you are looking to purchase a reputable muscle builder supplement, than check out this information on MuscleLabsUSA Beastdrol Extreme.

Beastdrol Extreme is the perfect muscle builder supplement for anyone looking to add mass and strength to their frame. Whether you are an athlete, bodybuilder or just anyone seeking to get in shape, this is the product for you.

MuscleLabsUSA has created this legal steroid alternative and is available to worldwide for a fair price. If you are uncertain, there are many reviews on Beastdrol Extreme available on the internet for you to read.

Along with a detailed workout plan and healthy diet, Beastdrol Extreme will help you crush your weightlifting plateaus! Users report gains of 5-20 pounds of muscle mass within 30 days of starting their Beastdrol Extreme cycle.  Simply taken 3 times a day, it will give you the strength and mass you crave.

The following are some sample exercises you can try while taking this muscle builder supplement:

  • Goblet Squat
  • Pallof Press
  • Dumbbell Row
  • Push Up
  • Split Squat
  • Lateral Squat
  • Hip Extension

While taking Beastdrol Extreme you can implement healthy eating and upping your protein intake. This will utilize your results while taking Beastdrol Extreme. You can take the supplement with either water, milk or a protein shake.  Strength trainers should increase protein intake to .82 grams of protein per pound of body weight each day. Some high protein foods are eggs, nuts, chicken and cottage cheese. Also be sure to drink at least 64 oz. of water per day. On heavy training days, make sure to drink more water to stay hydrated.

When all of these elements are combined, anyone will achieve their body building or athletic goals.


Dianadrol Dball Legal Steroids Alternative Muscle Builder

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Dianadrol is ideal for competitive athletes whom want a muscle builder supplement whether professional and amateur.  Safe ,legal and military approved!  Furthermore, Dianadrol will not cause you to fail a steroid or drug test. Read on to see if Dianadrol is right for you.

Dianadrol from Militant Muscle is an Anabolic Powerful Legal Steroid muscle builder that aids the user to gain lean muscle quickly yet with zero side effects.

Having a great body requires more than just a good workout. Taking supplements is an important step to ensure the best results from an intense workout. A lot of weight lifters and body builders tend to use steroids to get their desired results, but steroids have a lot of damaging side effects.

Militant Muscle is famous for its natural steroids that aid weight lifters and body builders achieve their goals without causing any hormonal side effects or damage their internal body. Dianadrol is one of Militant Muscle best muscle builder.

Dianadrol from Militant Muscle copies a steroids, but with none of the bad side effects. It is a powerful legal anabolic that helps gain lean muscle, increase the speed of muscle recovery and an increase in strength.

Dianadrol has been getting a lot of positive feedback from body builders. Dianadrol not only helps with gains, but increases the protein synthesis in the body. Most users report gains of 15-20 pounds of lean muscle within the first cycle. This supplement is great for both cutting and bulking. Some of the highlighted points for Militiant Muscle Dianadrol include the following:

-Muscle builder
-Gains of up to 20 pounds of muscle with in 30 days
-Increase in stamina
-Increase in strength
-Speeds up recovery
-Delays fatigue
-Taken orally
-Not toxic to kidney or liver
-No known negative side effects
-Excellent user reviews

Finally, Dianadrol by Militant Muscle is a safe alternative to steroids and will help you get the body you want. Each bottle contains 100 capsules that can be taken up to 3 times daily. Each cycle will last you 30 days. This product is essential for anyone who wants to improve upon their physique and improve on their strength.