Pre-Workout Supplements-Power & Strength

best-pre workout supplement
Legal Steroids and Preworkout Supplements-CLEN
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Choosing the best pre workout supplements, an important part of any bodybuilder or athlete. Pre workout supplements give you the instant energy needed for strength and power.

Rapid energy for rapid strength and power!

pre workout supplement
Legal Steroids and Preworkout Supplements-CLEN

Unlike other legal steroids or workout supplements, preworkout supplements uniquely increase strength and power. Enhancing both contraction force and cellular energy within muscle. Preworkout supplements achieve this dual impact because of the similar chemical structure of caffeine to the molecule cyclic AMP (cAMP) and adenosine. The chemical similarity to cAMP gives caffeine the ability to block certain enzymes that degrade cAMP. Effectively increasing cAMP levels within the muscle cell. 

The greater amount of cAMP functions as a signal. Activating several enzymes within the muscle cell. Breaking down glycogen and fatty acids into energy. Resulting in more energy that boost strength and power. The structural similarity of caffeine to adenosine enhances muscular contraction force. Because caffeine can bind to adenosine receptors embedded within the muscle cell. Triggering an increase in calcium release withing the muscle cell. While mentioned, raises the number of actin-myosin interactions. Furthermore, generating stronger, more powerful, muscular contractions. While adding a great preworkout supplement helps with all the above!

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