Stacking Legal Steroids


Stacking Legal Steroids

It is an extremely common practice for an athlete to take more than one individual steroid during a cycle. By taking a combination of steroids. The user is of course seeking to enhance the amount/quality of muscle mass gained from drug therapy. While I’m sure it is no surprise that stacking is generally an effective practice. Give some thought to expected goals and side effects before simply combining steroids.

A stack such as Deca-Durabolan and Dianabol would still produce very formidable muscle mass gains, but would provide to user much less water/fat retention, gynecomastia, hair loss/growth and acne than the former. On the other hand, “anabolics” are typically the favored class of steroids for cutting/dieting phases of training. This is because most have little or no tendency for estrogen conversion. Making them less apt to induce fat and water accumulation. It is important to remember however that these steroids can still suppress endogenous testosterone production during a cycle.

legal steroidsSteroid Stack Suggestions

Since the administered drugs may not provide the body enough androgen content to compensate for this loss. This type of cycle may sometimes interfere with aggression and libido (Deca is a common offender). In such a state the user might become depressed and unmotivated (see: side effects, depression), seriously reducing the quality (results and comfort) of the cycle. It is therefore usually a good idea to include some type of androgen during this type of cycle, especially if you have experienced such problems before. 

The preference would be a nonaromatizing androgenic compound like Proviron®, Halotestin® or trenbolone.  Not increasing the likelihood for fat/water retention. In the absence of excess estrogen, the heightened androgen level brought about by these drugs can actually enhance the removal of body fat.  Noticeably increasing the look of hardness/density to the physique (provided the user’s body fat percentage is low enough to make this visible). (if such compounds were unavailable, perhaps a weekly (low dosage).  Shots of testosterone would prove sufficient to ward off any problems. Finally, is also good to remember that it is not absolutely necessary to take more than one steroid at a time. The term you hear most often is synergy.  Meaning that two (or more) steroids used together will often compliment (and amplify) each other, providing a greater muscle gain than if they had been used consecutively.

Maintaining Strength and Gains

legal-steroid-stacksThough not well understood, a number of studies do suggest that different modes of action might exist for steroids outside of the androgen receptor. (which would seem to support the notion that cooperative or synergistic effects can be seen with different drug arrangements). Athletes also seem to know that certain drug combinations work extremely well together. Deca & Dianabol, testosterone and Anadrol 50®, trenbolone and Winstrol® etc., which is a testament to the notion of drug synergy.

Not confusing with the idea that you cannot make gains on one drug alone. An athlete new to the world of steroids could make exceptional gains. Cycling testosterone, Anadrol 50® or a for example, without ever needing to add a second drug. Heavily increased dosages and multidrug stacks are likewise most prominent among those who are already very familiar with steroid use. Using legal steroids, the same results happen. Legal steroids build muscle and help with strength gains. Safe and 100% legal, the best alternative to juicing steroids.  Finding they are necessary in order to continue to gain or maintain muscle mass.