Switch Up Your Workout-BACK and CHEST

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Every bodybuilder and weight trainer will have his or her favorite exercises for each body part. Whether using dumbbell or plates. That’s how it should be – as you progress through the various stages of learning you’ll understand what works best for you. It is useful, however, to take stock of your progress every so often and carry out an analysis of where you are and what changes, if any, are needed to move onwards and upwards.

Part of this analysis should include an assessment of the core exercises that make up your bodybuilding training program. In this article we’ll look at the back and chest exercises that have proven their worth to serious bodybuilders for many years. Where appropriate a series of exercises suitable for achieving pre-exhaustion will be presented. All exercises should be performed to failure with one set of six to eight reps.


1. Lat machine pulldowns – this exercise chosen because it allows you to isolate the lats and rest the biceps for the compound exercise to follow.

– Take a shoulder width grip.

– Pull arms towards the thighs keeping the arms straight.

– Pause.

– Return the bar slowly to the starting position.

2. Pulldowns – you can move straight on to this exercise if sufficiently experienced. Using the same machine, take an under hand grip because this will make better use of biceps strength thus maximizing the effects of the workout.

– Take a shoulder width grip.

– Pull bar to the chest area.

– Pause.

– Return the bar slowly to the starting position.


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1. Dumbbell flyes – this exercise provides a useful means of isolating the pectorals and preserving the triceps for the subsequent exercise. Performed follows:

– Hold dumbbells directly overhead.

– Lower them to sides with elbows slightly bent, pulled back and to the side. Lower no further than level with the torso.

– Use the pectorals to pull the weights back up to the starting position.

2. Incline bench press – you can move straight on to this exercise if you have reached an appropriate level of experience. If you perform this exercise as the second part of a pre-exhaust routine you may have to use lighter weights than normally.

– Take a shoulder width grip.

– Lower the bar to the chest with the elbows pointed to the side.

– Return to the starting position.

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